The basic central heating system for US homes combines the boiler, the radiators, and the pipe work that connects these elements. The water is heated and fed from the boiler, usually circulated by a pump mechanism across the pipes and back again. In the same way that you can introduce different boilers and methods of heating, it is also possible to implement different pipe work.

Piping is usually fitted below the radiator under the floorboards. It is either run between the joists or over them in cut-out ridges. Unless it is part of a micro bore system, the pipe work will need additional support so that it won't have to support heavy weight on the floorboards. Pipe work below suspended floors will not usually require insulation; although any high level feed pipes that are installed in loft space must have adequate insulation. As the pipes are very small they are more likely to come under pressure from the increased resistance caused by the boiler trying to circulate the water. Blockage and build up can occur in such narrow pipes, particularly in hard water areas, which in turn cause more resistance in the pipe. If you are in a hard water area, adding water softener to the micro bore system is essential.

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